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Champa Vert Perfume | Scents of Cambodia

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Champa Vert

notes ~ floral, champa, tuberose, galbanum, neroli, green

Seductive champaca flowers are at the heart and soul of this deeply exotic, floral perfume. Crisp galbanum essential oil adds a green note to mimic the scent of a freshly picked champa bud.


Candles - Soy wax, cosmetic grade fragrances and essential oils.

Perfumes- Naturally distilled alcohol, essential oils and absolutes, perfumery grade aromatics and compounds.

Shipping Information

We ship all our candles internationally.

Perfumes are only available for sending within Cambodia due to shipping restrictions.

We aim to service most countries, Please contact us if to arrange if your country isnt listed.


Our beautiful candles burn for 50+ hrs.


Eau de toilette 50 ml

Angkor Wat Temple in Siem Reap Cambodia. Home to Apsara Glow, a local brand producing hand made soywax candles and perfumes.


"The most beautiful thing about Cambodia isnt the country, its the Cambodian people"

~Rithy Panh